You know those people who are always like "Well, yes, that guy was attacking you, but it was just a fistfight. You had no reason to hit him with that chair"? Man, I can't stand those people. What they don't take into account is that, yes, one punch can totally kill you.

Earlier today, two guys started arguing in O'Shea's Casino, one of the shittiest casinos on the Vegas strip. Now, one of them is dead. Hey, how did that happen?

"One punch to the side of the face and he was out," Roberts said of the dead man. "Never got back up."

Oh hmm, one single punch and the man DIED. Bango, done and done. This is exactly why everyone should be a pacifist. But, failing that, this is exactly why you should feel free to pick up the nearest heavy object and whomp somebody if they punch you. Punching is dangerous!

[AP; photo via Craig Howell/ Flickr]