[There was a video here]

Daily Beast and Newsweek commander Tina Brown was an utter embarrassment on Morning Joe today. It wasn't because she was talking about her horrific Zombie Princess Di cover again. It was that she failed to do the most rudimentary thing before going on live television: shut off her cell phone.

While Emperor Palpatine drones on and on about the problems in Pakistan, his speech is suddenly interrupted by an infernal ringing. Yes, it was Tina Brown's cell phone. And, as always happens in such circumstances, she couldn't figure out how to make it stop and fumbles with her phone while it rings again. Way to keep it classy, Tina. The most shocking thing though is her ring tone. How is it not "Candle in the Wind?"

Update: Apparently that's not a ring tone but a Blackberry alarm. Still, can't she put that thing on vibrate?