When you hear the names "Chechnya" and "Grozny" you might be reminded of images of death and destruction from the former Soviet republic's brutal wars with Moscow. Fair enough! But it's totally nice now, and is run by a Moscow-backed murderous warlord, Ramzan Kadyrov, who has an untold amount of innocent blood on his hands and likes to play soccer. In fact, Chechnya is so nice that a 9-year-old girl from Siberia who suffered from narcolepsy was sent there for six months and now she's cured. So, what's the secret? According to a statement on Chechnya's official website:

One of the important reasons behind her recovery has been the surrounding atmosphere — sun, smiles, music and hospitality.

So visit Chechnya and be cured of any ailments! Just don't question how the fun atmosphere is maintained (or anything else for that matter).

[Images via AP/Getty]