Paramount and Marvel Studios have a bit of a marketing challenge on their hands with their upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger. Namely, how do you sell a pro-U.S.A superhero movie to the many regions of the globe that can't stand us? Their solution was to play it safe, and release the film in all foreign markets as just "The First Avenger."

But then a wonderful thing happened. From the Times:

[I]n a surprise, Paramount's overseas operation objected, arguing that Captain America had too much brand value, even in spots like France that are leery of embracing Team America too readily.

Call it the Obama Effect, call it No One Caring What the Hell the Movie is About So Long As Shit Gets Blown Up, call it what have you — but Captain America is wanted! They like him! They really like him! Well, except in Russia, Ukraine and South Korea. Those were the only countries who opted out of using his name in the title, because 1) they have no idea who Captain America is, and 2) they hate America. Hopefully the change is enough of a concession for those markets, but the studio isn't completely ruling out running the movie in reverse, and telling leery audiences it's the story of a musclebound American coward who flees from Nazis until he shrivels down to the size of a nine-year-old. [NY Times, photo via Paramount]