Johnny Salazar was arrested in Arizona yesterday after he burned his 5-year-old son's hand and wrist with a lighter thinking he was possessed. Of course he did this because he was on America's favorite gonzo drug, bath salts. When will people cut the bath salts out, already?

Apparently Salazar saw his son touch his mother's Bible, which meant the kid was possessed which meant he had to burn him with a Bic to save him. It all makes perfect sense! At least in Salazar's twisted mind. Now both of his children are living with their mother, who shares custody of the two boys.

When are people going to realize that bath salts make you do really fucked up shit? If you're not setting your kid on fire, then you're killing a goat in your panties or running from the cops thinking you're made of electricity. Seriously, everyone, cut this out. It's sad when you make using meth seem like an intelligent alternative.

[Image via Shutterstock and the Chandler, AZ Police Department]