Presidential pizza man candidate Herman Cain has been having a mini-crisis amid his staffers — nowhere near the calamitous hilarity that's befallen Newt Gingrich, but bad enough for a couple of staffers in important states to quit their posts. What gives? Is the seat padding aboard the Cain Train a bit rough on the buttocks? For now, let's just blame the gays.

Politico has an item today about the high-profile departures, which include that of Iowa organizational director Tina Goff. And, as Salon notes, there's one paragraph that really, really stands out:

The move, which shakes the campaign of the tea party favorite into turmoil in a state where he's staking much of his 2012 hopes, comes after weeks of swirling rumors between Cain's staff and volunteers in the Hawkeye State accusing each other of affairs, homosexuality and professional misconduct.

A Cain spokesperson labels such descriptions of internal strife as mere "rumor." So we shouldn't jump to any conclusions. Still, who are the gay staffers and how many gay affairs have they been having with Herman Cain all the time?

[Image via AP]