How are your baby-catching skills? Probably not as good as those of Wu Juping, a 32-year-old Chinese woman who apparently caught ("bare-handed," according to state news agency Xinhua) a two-year-old girl who'd fallen from a tenth-floor apartment.

The toddler, Niu, was left alone in the apartment while her grandmother ran errands. After awakening from a nap, she seems to have climbed onto the windowsill and slipped out; Wu—herself the mother of a seven-month-old (that's her baby in the photo)—was walking by when she noticed the baby hanging out the window. She ran across the street and caught the falling baby, breaking her arm in the process.

Niu, now in the hospital, isn't out of the woods yet—she may be bleeding internally—but she was saved from head or neck injuries. Wu says she just did what "everyone else would've done," but, as Xinhua points out, "[m]any believe that a mother who was willing to sacrifice so much for a complete stranger should be cherished by society." We cherish you, Wu Juping!