Some citizens of Fox Nation have been brushing up on nonprofit tax law and filling out paperwork ever since a fellow Fox national invited the public to file IRS complaints against Media Matters for America, the nonprofit that criticizes their favorite news channel for lying about everything all the time.

"The chorus is growing" against Media Matters, reports Fox News, which has a minor stake in this issue. Fox doesn't like Media Matters' efforts to get folks to boycott the network, and also doesn't think much of its "opinions"—which are often clips of Fox anchors and hosts just saying things and delivered without any/much commentary at all, because the clips speak for them-crazy-selves. Nevertheless, the Foxes are fed up with all of Media Matters' unfair and imbalanced attacks. (Maybe they should stop broadcasting, if they don't like what they see over at the Media Matters dot org?)

Citing Media Matters' "liberal propaganda war" against the network, a Fox host interviewed Jerome Acuff, an Alabama resident and contractor by trade who's filed one of the complaints against the nonprofit. Not because Acuff wants to stop Media Matters, you see—he just doesn't want them to be tax-exempt:

Here's an idea: If you're bored from badminton or whatever this weekend and feel like being on television, fill out one of the tax complaint forms and then let Fox know that you've done so. They'd probably love to have you on as a guest.

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