Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 25th birthday without drunkenly embarrassing herself! Tom Cruise also celebrated a birthday—either his 49th or his 75 millionth, depending on whether you're counting human or Thetan years. Also: Tina Turner shot Randy Jackson, once! Sunday gossip is here.

  • Actress and jewel thief Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday! Finally, she can rent a car. Lohan and company went out to Geoffrey's Restaurant in Malibu, where the star of I Know Who Killed Me ate ice cubes and cigarette filters. "She opted to stay in California instead of coming to New York because she has community service and wanted to concentrate on that," Michael Lohan told the Daily News. Best of luck concentrating, Linds! [NYDN]
  • Lohan wasn't the only person celebrating on Saturday night. Katie Holmes threw her auditor Tom Cruise a birthday party in Miami, where he is filming Rock of Ages, in which he stars as the rock. Marc Anthony and J-Lo "weren't able to make it." Riiiiiight. [NYP]
  • Apparently Tina Turner shot Randy Jackson! Not yesterday, a while ago: "I went to Tina's house to see my girlfriend. I guess I caught them off guard." We're not sure what that means, but this is way better than Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome! [TMZ]
  • Kim Kardashian and soon-to-be husband Kris Humphries are reading the Bible to choose verses for their wedding rings! May we suggest: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him"? [TMZ]
  • At one point while filming Ally McBeal, a severely-anorexic Portia De Rossi weighed 89 pounds. She eventually overcame the disorder, thanks in part to help of her ex-girlfriend, Ringo Starr's daughter. [Daily Mail]
  • Jesse James is "cool" with himself for cheating on wife Sandra Bullock with at least seven women. Glad to hear it, Jesse! It must be hard, to get over having extramarital sex several times. [NYDN]