This year Nathan's Famous annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest features a separate contest for ladies, because they realized that some hotties enjoy eating gross things just like dudes do, and it's the 21st century, and they're progressive.

The top pick among the women eaters, Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas, hold's the world's record for ladies with 41 hot dogs consumed in one 10-minute stretch. That's pretty impressive. Then again, last year's Nathan's champion, Joey Chestnut, ate 54 hot dogs at one time—which is more impressive. Can one safely interpret that this data proves once and for all that women aren't as talented at hot-dog eating as men? Well, given that the women are "opening" for the men, and were originally going to be paid less than the male victors, maybe the answer is yes? Also, one of the women contestants says women aren't as skilled at competitive eating as men because they lack equal jaw strength. Men are anacondas!

The Daily News says both male and female winners will now win the same amount of money: $20,000. So does CNN. Maybe Nathan's got just tired of hearing all the feminists bitching about unequal pay.

[NY Times. Image by AP]