Though New Jersey couple Josh Vandiver, a Princeton grad student, and Henry Velandia, a Venezuelan dancer, were legally married in Connecticut, because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, Velandia was still facing deportation on an expired visa. Well, no longer!

Federal authorities have officially decided to cease deportation procedures, with the simple note that the case is no longer "a priority." So there's no official new rule about this or anything (Vandiver still can't sponsor Velandia for a green card), but it's still a victory. This is significant because, as the couple's lawyer points out, it is "the first time immigration officials had made a decision to not deport the spouse of a gay or lesbian American on the basis of their marriage."

That's pretty big! Cheers to the happy couple and cheers to the ICE officials and whoever else (judges, etc.) who decided that this was a cruel waste of time. [ (don't read the comments); photo via Facebook]