Today we whispered and wondered about an actress who was very inappropriate to a barista. One commenter was thus inspired to tell us a story.

From PGMcCullough:

Number one is absolutely Kathleen Turner. I was that barista.

Prompted to tell more, PGMC continued...

It was a chilly Spring afternoon at the Starbucks in the Omaha Super Walmart, where I'd only just starting working. As such, I had not been told about the Kathleen Turner gets free coffee policy. But when Ms. Turner approached, sans entourage, I greeted her with a polite "Good Morning, sir!"

Gawker's blind item makes it seem a bit more of a production than it really was. Basically, I told her that the coffee would be seventy-eight cents. She asked if I was familiar with the movie "Romancing the Stone". I replied that I was not. She said that she didn't have seventy-eight cents, which made it my lucky day, because, she said in a baritone growl as she took her sunglasses off, I was about to get "a hummer from a star". She licked her index finger and touched my nose with it and said to meet her in the back of the '89 gray Volvo double-parked in the nearest handicap spot. Naturally, I did not do so, and when my shift ended 8 hours later, I was deeply saddened to find Ms. Turner sitting in her '89 gray Volvo, double-parked, as she said, in the handicap spot. When she spotted me, she started barking like a dog, savagely, deafeningly. I ran to my car and drove away.

OK, so, fake. But fun!