DJ Paulie Lis filed a suit in a Hartford court looking for $4 million dollars in damages because he says his DJ business and copyrighted name "DJ Paulie" have been rendered valueless ever since Jersey Shore's DJ Paulie Destruction came onto the scene. Turf war!

Lis filed a suit claiming that it's impossible to find his DJing business on the internet because there is so much info out there about DJ Paulie Deplorable. Also DJ Paulie Deposition has tried to trademark his own name, but his applications have been denied possibly because DJ Paulie already holds the rights to everything but the final initial. (Setting precedent, the judge in the case of Snooki v. Snooki ruled JS Snooki can't trademark her name because a cartoon cat already did.)

I have a feeling that DJ Paulie Lis' suit probably won't get that far, but he might get some hush money from the other DJ Paulie and MTV if he'll just shut up and go away. Oh, what some wouldn't pay to make the Jersey Shore kids do the same thing.

[Image via Getty]