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Here's a trailer for Robert Rodriguez's unnecessary Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World. 3D is real popular, so the movie's in 3D. But it's also the fourth movie, so the "3" in "3D" just won't do. So they've added a fourth "dimension": Smell!

Yes, Robert Rodriguez is rolling out his own version of Odorama (which was its own version of Smell-O-Vision) called "Aroma-Scope." Obviously smell-based technology has advanced over the years, so we are going to get some totally righteous smells.

I do not understand wanting to smell a movie, or much of anything really. Isn't smell mostly really gross? Like the whole concept of smells and odors and aromas and stenches and stinks? Unpleasant. Smelling is sort of the grossest sense, at least to talk about. And to experience at the movie theater. The movie theater is one of the places where y'know what? I'm pretty content not to smell anything the whole time I'm there. I know that I am sort of rabidly anti-smell, most smells are gross and I find that to be fact, but maybe even you total stench-lovers out there can agree with me that movies were not made to be smelled, especially movies with Jeremy Piven in them. On a list of actors I would be willing to smell, Jeremy Piven is really low. (I don't know why I even put him on the list, because I would never, ever smell Jeremy Piven.) So yes, the whole thing seems strange.

But there it is anyway. What can you do about it. Smell away, you freaky little kids.