What this 2012 presidential race needs — what America needs, really — is another wiseass Tea Party conservative mid-level congressman with niche appeal to further dilute the far right primary vote and effectively hand the nomination over to Mitt Romney. Fortunately it looks like five-time Michigan Rep. Thad McCotter will be that much needed extra spoiler. He's in it, and he's in it to win it!

McCotter is popular among a narrow band of conservatives for his brand of "wry" Republican and Tea Party humor, which is really just the same old nonsense with an twist of sarcastic condescension.

You'll get a good example of his style in this clip from a floor speech in 2008, in which he pontificates about "Speaking Democratic." He gave a similar presentation of slides in 2007 when arguing against reauthorizing the State Children's Health Insurance Program, calling it socialist HillaryCare or something... it's unimportant.

He also plays guitar! That's him on the far right in the the photo up top, circa 2005, posing with his congressional band "The Second Amendments." We warned you: wry!

McCotter has made noise about considering a run from time to time, and recently sent a secret operative of his to rent space for the Ames Straw Poll. Do Iowans have enough time before January to learn about "Thaddeus George McCotter," but you can call him Thad? Yes! The bigger question is whether he'll be able to stick around that long.

[Image via AP]