Amy Winehouse's website falls at the hands of race-obsessed Lil' B fans. Lindsay Lohan blames "pyschotic paparazzi" for her woes. A teen idol confesses to doing blow with Michael Jackson. TGIFriday gossip.

  • These days, everybody who is anybody has been hacked, so congratulations to Amy Winehouse for staying up-to-date with victim trends. Amy's hack was at the hands of antisec group Swagger Security, who took over with a picture of Lil' B (either because Lil' B is a secret hacker kingpin, or because he says "swag" a lot) and a message: "YOYO WE SWAGGER SECURITY AIGHT BITCH NIGGAZ? STARTIN OFF WIF FUCKING ALL YOU CRACKER MOTHERFUCKERS.WE RUN DIS MUHFUGIN BITCH. STEP BAK OFF OUR DIKZ. WE GOTS LOTS TO DROP AND WE STARTIN OFF WITAMYcrackheaddevil WINEHOUSE. THE GOALS OF SWAGSEC ARE 2 TAKE BACK THE INTERNET FROM THE WHITE DEVIL.DEATH 2 THE WHITE DEVIL. FOR WAY TO LONGGG NIGGAS HAVE HAD NO SAY ON THE NETS AND NOW WE TAKIN IT BACK.WHO R WE U ASK FAG BITCH? WE ARE A COLLECTION OF PROUD GAY NIGGAS." Well, they certainly sound like a homosexual black collective, said the trembling white 80-year-old seated on an upholstered tuft in a big, empty house in White Plains. She double-bolted the door that night, lest the hackers attack her home site, too. Great Aunt Imogene will be pleased to hear that now redirects to Amy's Facebook page. [Buzzfeed, TMZ, image via Splash]

Lindsay Lohan blames her latest cinematic nightlife stumble on stripper shoes and "pyschotic paparazzi," adding, "IT WAS A GOING AWAY DINNER, THAT WAS IT. Nothing exciting happened aside from the very yummy hummus and pita." [LiLo WhoSay, Celebitchy]

  • Also falling down: Heidi Klum, who tripped on 6-inch heels (seriously? Half a foot of height, glued to half of your foot? What is wrong with our culture?) and spilled her drink on some guy at a party for her New Balance sneaker line. Cue "balance" jokes. [P6]
  • Timberlake is into brunettes, now. [P6]
  • Octomom made $28,000 in June, which should be just enough for one grocery trip for her massive brood. [TMZ]

Weirdly muscular ex-child star Aaron Carter says Michael Jackson gave him cocaine and alcohol when he was 15. "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)," indeed. [NYDN]

  • Emma Watson: "I have never been bullied in my life." I appreciate the honesty. Nothing worse than faux-bullying claims. [Bazaar UK, Daily Mail]
  • Russell Brand has a buttcrack. How dare he. [INFDaily]
  • Miley Cyrus has nipples. How dare she. [IDLYITW]
  • Wandering through a grocery store in upstate New York, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig "looked like the world's hottest couple." Game on, Brangelina. [P6]
  • Speaking of Brangelina, Angelina rented a bowling alley in Malta so her kids could play there. Vivienne looks a lot like Brad, now. [Us]
  • Idealized simulation of a human male Cristiano Ronaldo and idealized simulation of a human female Irina Shayk were spotted wearing "matching diamond bands on their right hands." Opposite Day engagement? [P6]