Kate Moss is supposedly marrying The Kills' Jamie Hince this weekend in a super secret ceremony. (Do the rich and famous have any other kind?) One secret that's leaked out, though, is that embattled fashion designer John Galliano is—reportedly—designing her dress. Gasp!

Yes, everyone is still mad at John Galliano for going on an anti-Semitic rampage and saying awful things about a bunch of people in public. But that doesn't mean that Kate wants to wear something pedestrian when she walks down the aisle. She's a fashion darling. Since everyone forgave her for getting caught doing a bunch of blow a few years ago, she probably figures that everyone will get over their Galliano issues long before they tire of looking at the pictures of her in a dress. Let's hope the strategy works out for her. Also, I don't care who designs it, I'm dying to see what she'll wear. Knowing her (nose) it will invariably be white.

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