For savvy internet users and tech reporters, this has been the week of Google Plus, Google's just-launched social networking site. It could be Google's best shot at—wait, what? Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is going to unveil a new feature next week!?

Zuckerberg made the well-timed announcement during a visit to Facebook's Seattle office, telling assembled reporters that Facebook will "launch something awesome" next week. Nobody knows what this is, but many are saying it's an iPad app, since Facebook's Seattle office is where its mobile stuff is developed. We're hoping it will be a new feature that shocks people through their computer if they set up a page for their pets.

So, Zuck made a nice move to steal Google's thunder there. But clearly he's a little concerned about Google's latest move onto his turf. He's on Google Plus, and seems none too happy about it.

[Image via AP]