The US Department of Education has a handy new website that allows you to easily compare the prices of all types of colleges in America. Its real purpose is to keep us up-to-date on who to make fun of.

Without further ado, we present to you the top 25 most expensive tuitions among American four-year colleges:

1. Bates College ME $51,300*
2. Connecticut College CT $51,115*
3. Middlebury College VT $50,780*
4. Union College NY $50,439*
5. Colby College ME $50,320*
6. Sanford-Brown College (for-profit) VA $45,628
7. Sarah Lawrence College NY $41,968
8. Vassar College NY $41,930
9. George Washington University DC $41,655
10. Columbia University in the City of New York NY $41,316
11. Kenyon College OH $40,980
12. Colgate University NY $40,970
13. Carnegie Mellon University PA $40,920
14. Trinity College CT $40,840
15. Bucknell University PA $40,816
16. Tulane University of Louisiana LA $40,584
17. Skidmore College NY $40,420
18. St John's College NM $40,396
19. St John's College MD $40,392
20. Tufts University MA $40,342
21. Hobart William Smith Colleges NY $40,235
22. Bard College at Simon's Rock MA $40,165
23. Dickinson College PA $40,114
24. Wesleyan University CT $40,092
25. Bowdoin College ME $40,020

*"Comprehensive fee"-style tuituion includes room and board.

The University of Richmond missed making this list by just $10. Next year, University of Richmond! Now, a bit of number-crunching by us:

96% of the most expensive schools are private, not-for-profit institutions. 4% are private, for-profit. The public college with the most expensive tuition is Penn State, at $14,416.

36% of the top 25 most expensive schools are in New England, including four of the five most expensive. 28% are in New York.

24% of the schools on this list also appear on this list of America's Top 20 Hippie Colleges.

100% of the Top Two Annoying Liberal Arts Colleges are on this list.

0% of these schools have good football teams.

[Photo of America's most expensive dorm: dvs/ Flickr]