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Mark Halperin, the always-wrong journopundit who serves as a frequent MSNBC talking head, was on Morning Joe this morning—where, naturally, he was whining about how mean the president was to the simpering DC press corps during his press conference yesterday. "Are we on the seven second delay? I wanted to characterize how I thought the president behaved," said Halperin, setting up what you knew would be one whopper of a funny joke.

"I though he was kind of a dick," said Mark Halperin, on live television.

Now: we're of the opinion that if you're the type of person who likes to call people "dicks" in public (as we are), you should be sure not to hold a job in which it would be problematic for you to call someone a "dick." Absolutely nothing wrong, per se, with calling the US president a "dick"; unless you're a certified member of Very Serious DC Media Establishment, in which case you're not allowed to say those words. Make no mistake—even if Mark Halperin hadn't called Obama a "dick," he still would have spent all day today advancing the narrative that, during his press conference yesterday, Obama behaved like a dick. He just would have used a different word. So the net effect of this is nothing, except a chance to laugh at Mark Halperin. If you want to call the president a "dick," that's perfectly fine, Mark, but then you don't get to be a member of the shit-eating mumbly-mouthed TV "analyst" class who must couch everything in the appropriate euphemism. You have to choose one or the other.

Anyhow, Mark Halperin has already started apologizing, but he's going to have to have eat so much shit over this. Maybe it will be liberating for him?

UPDATE: MSNBC has suspended Halperin indefinitely. These squares are holding you back, dude.