This is disconcerting. Almost a month to the day after two women plunged from a 10th floor window of the W Hotel in Atlanta, killing one and leaving the other in critical condition, another woman has died falling from a W Hotel.

This time, it was the D.C. branch, across the street from the White House, where the rooftop patio is a popular hotspot. A woman, who according to authorities had been drinking at the roof bar, was spotted climbing over a fence. Witnesses report seeing her "hanging by her hands from an overhang one story below the rooftop around 11 p.m." She then fell — yup, 10 stories — and was declared dead at the scene.

At the Austin W, meanwhile, glass from balcony panels fell to the ground three times in recent weeks. The hotel has closed "until further notice." A couple is suing them after being injured when shards of broken glass rained down on them in the hotel pool.

The Austin W wants to stress that their easily-dislodged glass panels have nothing to do with the Atlanta W's easily-dislodged glass panels. It would appear that nothing gave out in the death of the D.C. W patron, however, except for her common sense after one too many cocktails. [Image of W Washington D.C. via]