It's the middle of summer, which means two things: It's hot and you want to eat a bunch of bad food. What better way to indulge your hunger and beat the heat than by looking at a bunch of pictures of our favorite frozen summer treats? We dare you to not go in search of the nearest ice cream truck.

[Image via JPhilipson's Flickr]

Bomb Pops: Nothing says summer like a bomb pop. I don't know that I've ever bought these in my grocer's frozen section, only when at an amusement park or from the ice cream man or a sweaty man standing near the baseball diamonds in Central Park. You just can't hate these. They're red, white, and blue, just like America. If you hate Bomb Pops, you hate America. It's that simple.

[Image via WhizChickenOnABun/Flickr]

Dipped Ice Cream Cones: Personally, I'd choose chocolate over cherry or (yuck) butterscotch any day, but there is something totally divine about a hard candy shell on some cold soft serve. Whether it's from DQ, Mister Softee, or the ice cream shanty in your home town where you order through the window and then sit on sticky picnic tables eating your cone and staring at the fire flies, this is always a good idea.

[Image via CDaisyM/Flickr]

ChocoTaco: Whoever invented the ChocoTaco is some sort of sick genius. It's a (always chewy) sugar cone packed with ice cream, hot fudge, and nuts. I'm not sure how this is supposed to be Mexican, but it speaks the universal language of deliciousness. Thanks to my girl Julia for reminding me of these, even though my inner fat girl never forgot them.

[Image via Mrjoro/Flickr]

Italian Ice: We're not talking about one of those fancy ones that you can get at Eataly or places trying to seem all Old World and authentic. No, I'm talking about the kind in a wax paper cup with a thin layer of freezer burn clinging to it that you get at the corner store and eat with a wooden spoon, scraping, scraping, scraping the viscous liquid into a fine frozen paste. Oh, and the best part, drinking the melted juice from the bottom of the cup. Mmm.

[Image via GraciePoo/Flickr]

Otter Pops: There were several different types of these frozen sugar water in plastic tubes (see also: Fla-Vor-Ice) but Otter Pops were always my favorite because of the silly little creatures on the box. And these were like 1 million for a dollar, so even the poor kids always had an Otter Pop around. Also, I will officially love the first gay bar that starts serving Otter Pops at a bear party.

[Image via Scorpions and Centaurs/Flickr]

Ice Cream Sandwiches: The recent trend of gourmet ice cream sandwiches, while delicious, is a bit troubling to me. In my mind a ice cream sandwich will always be perfectly rectangular and made with some sort of indistinguishably gelatinous cookie substance that comes off on your fingers when you eat it. Get with the processed goodness people and save your artisanal ice cream for the hippies.

[Image via Corde5/Flickr]

Friendly's Wattamelon Roll: As a good New Englander, this is my number one all time favorite summer dessert, partially because it is impossible to get one in Manhattan. Even if you live near a Friendly's they don't sell these all year either (or at least they didn't in the past). A Wattamelon Roll is mostly watermelon ice cream with chocolate chips (to make the "seeds") topped with lemon sherbet with a bit of green food coloring on the end. You slice it, like a watermelon and it is the most amazingly delicious thing you ever did eat in your whole damn life. Seriously. I might have to go visit my parents soon just so I can buy one.

[Image via Alex Cameron/Flickr]