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Here's a trailer for Courageous, a new inspirational movie from the geniuses who brought you Fireproof, the Christian anti-divorce drama starring Kirk "Banana Hands" Cameron. That film was about a fireman making difficult decisions, this one is about policemen making difficult discussions.

Why is it these movies are always about "heroic" men coming to terms with things? Where the heroic ladies at? Oh right they're at home being good wives. So yeah, this movie is all about men, mainly men being dads. Notice the subtle anti-lesbo/queer marriage line about how fucked up (sorry, fudged up) one of the dudes is because he wasn't raised by his dad. (Not that not having dad around can't be damaging to children. It's just that sometimes having dad around is damaging to children, so it's all sort of relative.) I suppose it's foolish to complain about these movies not having any ladies at the center of the drama, because of course they will eventually make a movie like that and it will be all about abortion and sexual purity and we'll all wish it had never been made, but then someone will point to this post and be like "It's all your fault, you asked for it." So I will stop asking for that movie right now! I do not want that movie. On the record.

And yes blah blah I'm being an asshole "hipster" or "libtard" or cynical coastal elite or whatever some unapproved commenter or emailer wants to call me for making fun of these terrible Christian movies, but sorry. They are terrible and hokey and seem sadly nostalgic for a world that has never nor will ever exist. So I just don't like 'em.

That said, where's Kirk???? Off monkeying around somewhere, no doubt.