Not happy with all the eardrum damage caused by her first aural abomination, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is back with a new song and a new video, this time co-starring some other Real Housewives of New York. Know what? It's not completely horrible!

Much like "Money Can't Buy You Class," the new ditty, "Chic C'est La Vie," is more of a rap than an actual song, but LuAnn has smartened up and doesn't even sing the chorus, instead blurting it out with her signature smoky rasp. Of course the lyrics are all about how awesome her life is because she's on a reality show and she even name checks all of her fellow castmates during the bridge. Oh, and the chorus is in French. We get it, LuAnn, you speak French. Give it up already!

And the video, while a giant commercial for the Borgata hotel in Atlantic City, is the sort of silly thing you expect from the studios of R & H Music Factory that keep churning these things out. Most notably, Jill Zarin and Kelly KillKillKilloren Bensimon are along for the ride and dancing by LuAnn's side as she samples the many amenities found at the Borgota Hotel and Casino in nearby Atlantic City, now offering special rates for reality television show fans!

The worst part about it is there isn't more to pick on. Well, aside from the clips where LuAnn is getting her hair done and she looks like a busted Terri Hatcher. Wow, I think that's the meanest thing I ever said about someone. Take a look for yourselves.