College students: will they ever be able to judge political bias with any accuracy? No, they haven't even decided whether Ayn Rand or Chinua Achebe is cooler yet! So it's no surprise they think every gay teacher is biased.

Yeah, with gay bias. A new study found that students at the University of Houston (Clarification: The University of Houston-Downtown, which is a separate school, we're told)—presented with only a syllabus and a professor's bio—said that gay professors were politically biased, based only on the fact that they were gay. From Inside Higher Ed:

The students were then asked to evaluate the professors (based only on the syllabus review) on various factors, one of which was political bias. On average, the students found the syllabus to suggest a political agenda when the instructor was gay, but no agenda when the instructor was straight.

Give these kids credit for having the right instincts. Once you understand that you can't trust black professors to be fair to white kids, and you can't trust Latino professors to treat anyone outside of "LA RAZA" fairly, and you can't trust anyone employed by a college to treat the Republican Minority fairly, it's a short logical leap to understanding that gay professors are able to impart bias unto their students simply by being gay. Gayness: particle, or wave? Ask your science teacher—your unbiased science teacher.

[Inside Higher Ed. Photo via Shutterstock]