James Franco is like that pretentious guy in your freshman dorm that you talk to because he's hot, and he's always going on about acting and writing short stories and all his other artistic pursuits even though he's not particularly good at any of them. And of course he's in a band, too. Of course.

Here's the music video for the first track from Franco's upcoming EP. The single, which is called "Rising," is from Kalup & Franco's soon to be released album Turn It Up. The band consists of Franco and drag performance artist/Franco partner-in-crime Kalup Linzy. But it's the Kalup half of the band that seems to be doing most of the work. He sings, stars in the video, and probably wrote the decent (if rudimentary) tune.

Franco seems to be relegated to the background where his head (which seems to be from when he was hosting the Oscars) haunts the proceedings and Linsey plays some green screen tricks and chases a floating wig across the sunset. Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing that hot guy from freshman year would try to pass off as art while you nod your head and think he's an idiot but hope, desperately, that he'll make out with you.

[YouTube via Vulture]