We've all wanted to get back at our significant other's awful ex, but Natasha Larson went a little too far. She posted a personal ad on Craigslist posing as her husband's ex, posted her name and address, and told men to come over for quick, easy sex.

Of course this all happened in Florida because where else would something like this take place? And while it would be one thing to try to sully your husband's ex's reputation, putting her address on the internet? That's going a step too far. Here's what the ad said:

I am currently dating a descent man but he is lacking some skills in the bedroom. Its nice but I need to be thrown around a little bit and to be dominated, that is exciting for me. I also like to take charge sometimes but I need a strong man to keep me in check. Please be respectful if you do stop by.

That "please be respectful" is priceless. It's like suddenly Natasha is worried about manners or something. It also gives it that little bit of plausibility that makes it seem like a real ad. Has she done this before?

Anyway, after a few guys showed up at the house, the ex called the police. (Several men also called and texted because after they responded to the Craigslist ad, Larson gave out the victim's cell number to the randy gentlemen.) Larson was later arrested and charged with criminal use of personal identification and information, which is a felony. Let's just hope the prison computers don't have access to Craigslist. [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]