In your hazy Tuesday media column: a few more people are trusting the media, Paste Magazine returns, the New York Times Co. eyes the education industry, a Village Voice strike threat looms, and Dan Balz stays put.

  • Did you know that one day in the not too distant future, you will be able to get a "full-fledged degree" from the New York Times Company? Believe it, suckas! "The company is pursuing partnerships that might soon have it stamping its seal on diplomas." Hey, squeezing money out of education worked for the Washington Post Co., so why not give it a try? You can't fund a newspaper just by being a bodega.
  • You'll never guess what Americans are regaining trust in: newspapers! And TV news, which everyone knows is even worse than newspapers! Just over a quarter of our countrypersons express "a great deal" of confidence in these two mediums, which is roughly the same percentage of our countrypersons who will support the most wacko dead-end political figure. It is the Wacko Percentage. Makes sense.
  • Paste Magazine, which folded a year ago, is back! On the internet, sort of! Here it is, on a site where you can listen to music and read the mag at the same time. Makes sense. The future is now. Let's hope everyone gets paid this time!
  • It's never too early to reiterate the fact that the Village Voice newsroom could go on strike on June 30, if they don't get a new contract deal worked out with management. This appears to be a real threat! There is a "strike benefit" event tomorrow night in Brooklyn if you're into that sort of thing, hippie.
  • Earlier rumors had WaPo political vet Dan Balz considering leaving the paper. Well, he's not leaving, he's staying! Now you know.

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