We've always said, when drunk, that monkeys are the great untapped demographic of the 21st century. Well! Someone has finally listened: Advertising firm Proton has created the first campaign directed entirely at monkeys.

The campaign, designed to promote one color of Jello over another to a group of captive capuchin monkeys, so far consists of two billboards, and is basically about as sophisticated as your average beer ad:

One billboard shows a graphic shot of a female monkey with her genitals exposed, alongside the brand A logo. The other shows the alpha male of the capuchin troop associated with brand A.

Olwell expects brand A to be the capuchins' favoured product. "Monkeys have been shown in previous studies to really love photographs of alpha males and shots of genitals, and we think this will drive their purchasing habits."

You probably have several questions! Such as: Purchasing habits? As it turns out, scientists have shown that capuchin monkeys "understand money," and are now (with Proton's help) exploring the extent to which advertising can affect their behavior. You know what we are most excited for, though? The first all-monkey edition of Adbusters.

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