The unlikely duo might be paired up in a new/old movie musical. Also today: Nicole Kidman is a replacement, a big new miniseries is on the way, and Law & Order: SVU has its new detectives!

  • A while back, singer/actor/bootyshaker Beyoncé was cast in Clint Eastwood's adaptation of old timey musical A Star Is Born and it seemed for a time that Will Smith would be her costar. Well no longer! Now comes rumor that Eastwood's go-to J. Edgar Hoover Leonardo DiCaprio will take the role of boozy, washed-up actor Norman Maine, who is saved by the plucky young Esther Blodgett/Vicki Lester. That's kind of intriguing? It's a little intriguing, if only for the disaster potential. And who knows, maybe this means that in fifteen years or so a bedraggled yet fabulous Beyoncé will perform at Carnegie Hall and be, well, fabulous and Leo will be hawking Thunderbird wine on TV. That'd be amazing! [Deadline]
  • Tennessee resident Nicole Kidman will replace Sofia Vergara in Lee Daniels' drama The Paperboy, opposite Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron. Wait. Nicole Kidman and Sofia Vergara are up for the same roles? Is this character a shapeshifter? Or a voice shifter? I don't get how you can say "Oh, we lost Sofia for this part. Better get Nicole Kidman. And Zac Efron dropped out, so go ahead and see if Miranda Cosgrove is available." You're one of a kind, Hollywood! [THR]
  • Too close to the case news! Law & Order: SVU's casting developments continue apace, today with the news that a dude named Danny Pino off Cold Case has been cast as a regular on the show, as has Kelli Giddish, the likable actress from Chase and the web series The 'Burg. She also plays a lesbian on The Good Wife once in a while and it's always really fun. Do you watch The Good Wife? You should. It is good. Except they always say "phone" instead of "call" and it's this really weird pathological thing that must mean something but I don't get it. Hm. Anyway! SVU! I like this casting. Well, I don't really know who Danny Pino is, but hey, I trust the producers. I mean, I mostly trust Speed Weed, but I trust the other ones too. [TVLine]
  • Do you like the unstoppable hit/weep machine known as Pixar? Like do you care about all their movies that come out? And yet paradoxically have you not/will you not see Cars 2 in the theater? Well, first of all, I think you have some imbalance within yourself and maybe some self-sabotaging tendencies that you need to look into. I mean, if you love Pixar so much why aren't you going to see the new Pixar movie? I'm just saying. The point is, there is a teaser trailer for Pixar's next big movie, the Celtic-seeming Brave, that is playing as a preview before Cars 2, but you haven't seen it, because you won't go to the movie, but care a lot because you love Pixar. Lucky for you that teaser is now on the internet, so here it is, you sad conflicted weirdo. [EW]
  • Ridley Scott's production company and a German producing company are teaming up to do a big miniseries followup to their big miniseries Pillars of the Earth, which was about building a church or something. The next one, an adaptation of the Ken Follett novel, is called World Without End and is set 200 years after Pillars (so all your old friends are dead, sorry), just as England heads into the Hundred Years War and the Bubonic Plague begins creeping across Europe. So it's a comedy, duh. Anyway, they've announced the cast! Among the names are Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Cosgrove Richardson, Ben Chaplin, and Charlotte Riley, who will play the lead and is engaged to Tom Hardy, so she is a nasty bitch who should stay away from my husband. ANYWAY, will this be good? I heard Pillars was sort of dreadful? Confirm/deny anyone who dares watch Starz miniseries? [Deadline]
  • Jeff Probst is teaming up with CBS to create a daytime talk show that Probst himself will host. If they don't call this thing The Probst Probe or Probing With Probst then everyone should be fired and I'll run CBS from now on. [THR]

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