Facebook's new headquarters is giant. It's cavernous. And though empty for the moment, it's just been decorated.

The social network has quietly uploaded a gallery of pictures from inside its 57-acre, 9,000 person new campus in Menlo Park. It looks like some significant remodeling has occurred since Sun Microsystems moved out, which makes sense; Facebook was already tearing down internal walls when it announced the move in February. Compared with the old interior, the new one looks more open, with exposed air ducts and concrete floors. The chairs also appear to have been upgraded, though at least one Facebooker prefers the old seating.

Of course, the office may yet evolve further. Staff are still working from the old Palo Alto headquarters. And we all know how much the Facebook high command loves to keep changing everything. For now, you can survey the most interesting pictures above.

[Photo of Zuckerberg via Getty; office photos via Facebook]

The seat of internet world domination looks humble from the outside.

Looks like a café! Boss Mark can enjoy his bacon wrapped hot dogs and mugs of cream gravy under the sunny California sky.

The sofa screams "modernist," but the phone booth whispers "closet luddite."

Faux Aerons? Really? You'd think at $100 billion valuation Facebook could spring for the real deal and save everyone some future back pain. Anyway, $10 says those bars form a Faraday cage.

Worst. Bar. Ever.

Don't let the "art" distract you from this space age dry erase technology. The future is literally being invented here!

Soundproofing means you can scream all you want in these meeting rooms while getting thoroughly Saverin-ed.