We never thought we'd see the day. But sure enough, here's Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, clad in her most confidently shiny suit, officially launching her presidential campaign in her native town of Waterloo, Iowa today. Will she be our new, shiny president come January 2013? If it can't be Donald Trump, then sure, this'll do.

We've long thought that if she did run, her campaign wouldn't be the joke that so many pundits treat it as. Notoriously silly people can move up the ladder quite quickly in American politics. She'll probably win the Iowa caucuses unless (a) Texas Gov. Rick Perry jumps in soon and runs a competent campaign or (b) Mitt Romney decides to drop $40 million or so into the state, which isn't that important for him. And given her unique ability to raise lots of cash from the true-believer wingnut base — something 2008's Iowa caucuses winner, Mike Huckabee, didn't have — who's to say she can't maintain that early momentum and post a primary win in South Carolina?

She really could win the nomination, you guys!

And it's not like her economic plans could be any more heinous than those of the Very Serious "real" candidate, Tim Pawlenty, who is terrible.

Good luck, Michele Bachmann!

[Photo via AP]