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Heartbreak and heartache at the BET awards last night! At least for celebrity presenter and self-described "Writer. Dance addict. Artist. MILF" Tiffany. See, she looked down on her little e-tablet (nice touch!) to read off the award winner and it said "Chris Brown," but on the Teleprompter they were telling her "Rihanna." Then Drake came up and accepted the award for Rihanna and then later they said actually the award was for Chris Brown after all. Ha. We're over it already Chris Brown, sorry!

Good thing they had those futuristic electronic tablets.

Later Tiffany went on the Twitter to say she was "Bawling backstage. They totally fucked me up." But then later on she said "Aight...I'm outta here...after party..ready for ALL the jokes lol Oh yeah....#TeamMinaj HOE! Stay mad!!! -_-" so I think she's over it, HOE. smh lol wtf.