Homework is only the worst idea ever. Who was the first jerk who was like, "Hey, got a great idea here, after we made you sit in school all day let's send more school work home with you, so as to infest your every waking hour with dread and help you develop a lifelong loathing of formal education?" I mean come on. Kids hate doing homework. Teachers hate grading homework. Now, students in LA are more or less free to never do homework again.

An awesome new policy from the L.A. school district says that homework can only count for a maximum of 10% of a student's grade. They can blow that shit off entirely and still get a solid B! This is wise, as well as fair.

The L.A. approach is intended to account for the myriad urban problems facing the district's mostly low-income, minority population. It's also aimed at supporting L.A. Unified's increasing focus on boosting measureable academic achievement.

According to the new policy, "Varying degrees of access to academic support at home, for whatever reason, should not penalize a student so severely that it prevents the student from passing a class, nor should it inflate the grade."

If you dislike this policy you're probably a jerk who doesn't care about poor kids or those who live in fucked up homes. You're also a humongous nerd. Just keep your mouth shut, dude.

[LAT. Photo: gregmeg7/ Flickr]