Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig tie the knot. Crystal Harris tries to sell her ring. Jennifer Aniston gets a tattoo. Sunday gossip is wearing a slip to a party.

  • Hoping to get their straight marriage in before gay marriage becomes mandatory in the state, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz wed in a small ceremony in New York on Wednesday. Really small: The only guests were Craig's daughter, Weisz's son, and "two friends." Best of luck to the inhumanly good-looking couple. [People]
  • Horrid blonde woman Crystal Harris, having successfully parlayed her fake relationship with elderly creep Hugh Hefner into something resembling celebrity, is now attempting to sell the gaudy, diamond-encrusted engagement ring that symbolized not just their mutual desire for publicity but also the necrotic tissue around the no-longer beating heart of western culture. She was so far unsuccessful. [TMZ]
  • Jennifer Aniston, having successfully stolen a man, has gone bad. She got a tattoo! It's an iron cross. Kidding! It's a swastika. Kidding! It's her dog's name: Adolf Hitler. [People]
  • I still don't really understand Paz de la Huerta, like, conceptually, but every time I hear a story like this I think I am getting a little bit closer: "[De la Huerta] sauntered around the room in barely-there black dress — which she insisted was not underwear. 'It looks like a slip, but it's really a dress,' she purred to us, pulling down the hemline to lengthen what there was of the garment." [Page Six]
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton met with families of British soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan. Kate wore a nice navy dress, and William wore a suit of armor under an Ed Hardy t-shirt. [Daily Mail]
  • Ameriie got married to record executive Lenny Nicholson on Anguilla on Saturday. "1 Thing" is such a great song, so, best of luck to her. [People]