Seems like every time members of the Sanger Paranormal Society go looking for evidence of Bigfoot, they find some. How coincidental is that? This week, members announced that the notoriously shy forest dweller might have left some smudge marks on a truck belonging to the society's founder, Jeff Gonzalez.

During the Memorial Day weekend—when society members make their annual Bigfoot-hunting expedition in the Sierra National Forest in California—Gonzalez had to abandon the truck because of snow. Either one or three days later, he returned to the truck and discovered that—lo and behold!!—something had left "stubby fingerprints and smudges," including face marks, all over the windows, like some kind of rude slob. A forensics photographer took some pictures and also some samples for DNA testing.

At a press conference in Fresno the other day, Society members displayed the smudge-picture evidence. They are now either seeking donations to test their DNA samples, or waiting for a DNA lab to volunteer its services. Whichever the case, Gonzalez won't trust the samples with just any old lab:

Previous attempts to analyze potential Bigfoot DNA haven't resulted in anything that could be considered as the scientific find of the ages. That's why Gonzalez is being very careful about who he'll turn over his reported Bigfoot DNA to.

"We need somebody to come forward to take this DNA and get it mapped," he told AOL. "Since nobody knows what a Bigfoot is, there's no available DNA for it. But by testing this DNA, by process of elimination we can find out if it was a bear, gorilla, baboon or something else.

We thought Bigfoot lived near Spokane, Washington; maybe he just commutes from Cali for work or something? Or maybe the smudges were not put there by Bigfoot at all, but by a Bigbear—as these guys suggest. It's worth mentioning that the truck was full of food, and food tends to be popular with bears. Unfortunately, the being didn't leave a note on the windshield, so without that lab coming through this mystery might drag on until next year's Bigfoot expedition, if not longer. [Post-Intelligencer, KFSN, AOL News]