Everyone has always known that living in a bustling metropolis like New York City will make you a psycho, fast. That's why everyone with the means gets the fuck out as soon as they have kids. They'd feel guilty if they didn't even give the kids a chance to be normal, for a while.

Now this laughable generalization has been confirmed by urban living mind scientists, or whatever they are! They found that the more urban the place you grew up in, the more enraged you get when someone is getting on your nerves. Which, in a city, is always.

Imaging scans show that in city dwellers or people who grew up in urban areas, certain areas of the brain react more vigorously to stress. That may help explain how city life can boost the risks of schizophrenia and other mental disorders, researchers said.

So if you grew up in the city you actually have to move to the country just to make sure you don't become schizophrenic. Whereas if you grew up in the country, you're perfectly suited to mentally cope with the hectic pace of the city.

Until a city person pushes you on the train tracks.

[AP, photos via Flickr, Shutterstock]