This is Levon Sarkisyan's mugshot. The Connecticut native was arrested for breaking into a stranger's home, telling the owner that God made him do it, and then proceeding to smash statues of Roman soldiers and a marble table with a fireplace poker. Then he took a shower and dressed himself in the clothing of a deceased man who used to live there. When police took him into custody, he informed them that he'd smoked "a strange strand of herb."

To make matters weirder, Sarkisyan was previously arrested for an incident in 2008, the Hartford Courant reports. He had paid to take two University of Connecticut frat boys on an "an all-expenses-paid trip to South Beach in February 2008," during which "he bought them expensive jewelry, cocaine and the services of a prostitute." When word got out among their friends about the trip, Sarkisyan made "threats" serious enough to lead to a police intervention. He received a suspended jail sentence and two years probation.

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