Realizing they could never rely on Hollywood to produce fair and balanced depictions of their skewed and whitewashed spin on U.S. history (you can take your radical lefty agenda and choke on it, HBO's John Adams!), the Tea Party has taken it upon themselves to produce their own damn TV show, thank you very much.

Called Courage, New Hampshire, the hourlong drama is set in Colonial America, and stuffed with more tri-corner hats and telling allusions to spend-thrifty monarchs than you can shake a musket at. There's even a little salty language thrown in! ("The governor will not be there at the Great White Throne to unsoil your breaches," says one character. Children! Cover your ears!)

Courage, New Hampshire gets its red carpet premiere this Sunday at a movie theater in Monrovia, Ca., hosted by none other than noted gay-hater and babbling crackpot, Victoria Jackson. It will then go directly to DVD. Is this crap really what Tea Partiers want to watch during their demonstration downtime? Not, like, Vampire Diaries or America's Next Top Model? I don't believe them. [THR]