After years of oppression, rich people in LA are at last going to get the treatment they deserve. Also today: Superman has a new mom, Game of Thrones has a new queen, David O. Russell likes lookin' at the ladies, and some Good Wife news.

  • Phew, finally someone is going to take the time to shed some light on fabulous rich people. Too long have fabulous rich people languished in the shadows of obscurity. Well, no longer! Aaron Sorkin and John Krasinski are teaming up to produce a miniseries adaptation of Life At The Marmont, a book all about the wild patrons of the Chateau Marmont hotel in Lost Angeles. Oh thank god! Such brave souls you are, Aaron and John. To boldly say "No more!" to the injustice of negligence suffered by rich celebrity people who stay at fancy castles whenever they're in California for a little while. It's truly great work, fellow. Maybe I'm jinxing it, but I smell a Nobel... (In all seriousness, though, this could be pretty fun and interesting.) [Deadline]
  • Julia Ormond, an actress who went missing there for a while but has luckily been found alive and well, has been offered the role of Superman's space mom in the musical comedy Man of Steel. You'll remember that Russell Crowe just decided to play Supey's space dad in the movie. So good for Julia! Quite a costar. Not sure if it's really that big of a part, but if playing a superhero's mom for a few stray scenes is good enough for Rene Russo (we miss you girl), it's good enough for Julia Ormond. Diane Lane is playing Supey-dupe's Earth mom, so hopefully there's some sort of interstellar mama lion cat fight between her and Julia. It'd be only befitting two actresses of their stature. [THR]
  • Hmmmmm. JUST A MILD SPOILER ALERT HERE, GUYS. All right. Natalie Dormer, who played sad old Anne Boleyn on Showtime's pornography series The Booters Tudors, has been cast on HBO's pornography series Game of Bones Thrones. She'll be playing Margaery Tyrell, who marries Renly Baratheon. So maybe more happens with her later in the books, but so far Margaery's been a very peripheral character, so either something happens that I don't know about yet or they're blowing up the character for television. Either way it's interesting! And makes me wonder if they're maybe increasing the size of the Renly character for the show, meaning more Ser Loras lancing. If ya get mah drifttttt. If ya get it. (It's buttsex. My drift was buttsex.) All very intriguing indeed. [EW]
  • Are you a fan of Fox's hit doctor show Dr. House? And if so, were you a fan of Dr. House's main love pairing, "Huddy"? It was the pairing of Dr. House and Lisa Cuddy. Well Lisa Edelstein, who played Lisa Cuddy on Dr. House, has left Dr. House to pursue new opportunities. And she's just found one! She's been cast in a recurring role on next season of The Good Wife. She's going to play a smart, sexy lawyer, because that show pretty much only traffics in smart, sexy lawyers. And Mary Beth Peil. It's sexy lawyers and then Mary Beth Peil. Who is sexy in her own way! But she's not lawyer sexy. Lawyer sexy is one specific thing. Is Lisa Edelstein lawyer sexy? Probably! She was doctor sexy on Dr. House, so she can probably be lawyer sexy too. [TV Line]
  • David O. Russell is currently trying to cast his next movie, The Silver Linings Playbook, about Mark Wahlberg having a mental breakdown and meeting a woman who had one too, hers manifesting in a "sex spree" that cost her her job. Hot character! Everyone wants to play her, apparently. Russell is so far looking at: Elizabeth Banks, Kirsten Dunst, Blake Lively, Rooney Mara, Rachel McAdams, Andrea Riseborough and Olivia Wilde. Wait, Rachel McAdams and Blake Lively are on the same list? That is kind of a strange list then! Also, when are going to give up on this Olivia Wilde thing? I mean, I know people like her, but we just don't have enough room for Olivia Wilde. Y'know? Anyone digging me on that? Anyway, good luck David. Good luck looking at all of your beautiful women for your movie that you're making. Krasinski, Sorkin! When you're done with the Marmont, make a miniseries about this poor bastard. He don't get no respect. [THR]
  • James McAvoy has been cast in Danny Boyle's next film Trance, a heist thriller. Aha. So we can assume, because every contract James McAvoy signs now stipulates this, that Michael Fassbender will also be in the movie, playing James McAvoy's special boyfriend. Yup, it's true. He doesn't know about it, but I keep slipping in a new contract when no one's looking and everyone ends up signing a thing that says "By threat of legal action, Michael Fassbender must play James McAvoy's special boyfriend in this movie." It's pretty exciting! Thank you, X-Men: First Class. [Variety]

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