Love is a weird thing: You never quite know when and where cupid's arrow might strike. Take, for example, the recent nuptials of Doug Hutchison, a 51-year-old actor best known for a recurring role on Lost, to (allegedly) 16-year-old Courtney Stodden. Stodden is an aspiring everything from Ocean Shores, Washington, an area of the country one reader colorfully describes for us as "a morbid, destitute shithole of a coastal village masquerading as some kind of 'tourist destination.'" (Stodden was Miss Ocean Shores 2009.)

Stodden, who says she is 16 but who has all the confidence and poise of a woman four times that age, has a YouTube page overflowing with showcase material. Where to even begin? There's a music video for a song called "Don't Put It On Me" that suggests a downmarket Ke$ha as she might look in a low-budget piranha movie. I watched until the end, but sadly, the piranhas never appeared.

For something a little less frivolous, Stodden posted this anti-bullying PSA. Shot in austere black-and-white, Stodden (a "model [and] inspiring actress," she tells us) identifies as a bullying victim herself, then uses the PSA opportunity to respond directly to each and every one of her internet detractors. And there are many. Along the way she reveals a lot about herself: Her large breasts are "rill, my hair is rill, my teeth are rill," and she's "a virgin [and] I plan on staying that way until I'm married."

Well, now she's married. Another inspiration, achieved.