A Southwest Airlines pilot has been suspended after he accidentally broadcast his conversation about the "fags" and "grannies" that he works with as flight attendants. This man should really never be allowed to fly a plane again.

Because of a stuck headset microphone, this unnamed Southwest pilot, broadcast his thoughts about the "gays," "grannies," and "grandes" (which we can only imagine to mean overweight ladies) that comprise the crew of flight attendants he works with in Chicago. (Well, at least he didn't call them stewardesses.) Instead of the conversation remaining private—he seems to be talking to a fellow pilot in the cockpit—the audio went out over the air traffic control frequency and every other plane in the Houston area. You picked the wrong day to lean on the on-button, my friend.

The guy wasn't finished though. He goes on to complain that he never gets to go out with his co-workers, and the one time he did go out with two "chicks" from work, neither of them wanted to sleep with him. The audacity! He then shares his thoughts on how ugly the women who work in Houston are. This guy should know better than to mess with Texas.

The pilots of other planes in the area quickly made it known that they weren't responsible for the broadcast. But the FAA was notified and they figured out who the culprit was, and Southwest announced that it had suspended the pilot after learning of the incident in March. He's since been allowed to return to his job, though, following some "diversity education," the airline said in a statement today.

They let this guy back on the job? If I flew Southwest in the first place, I'd boycott! All we can hope is that the "gays" and "grannies" he works with have come up with an awful nickname for him and are using it to his face. How about "asshole"? That seems to fit. [KPRC, ABC News, photo via briyyz/Flickr]