Among the many highlights of former Dior designer John Galliano's trial today in Paris—the recounting of his wild anti-Semitic night, his apology and admission that he was drinking heavily and taking Valium "like candy," his hot lawyer—the most memorable was his outfit. Just look at it!

He showed up to court like a Gallic LiLo, wearing a black blazer, ascot, no shirt, and some sort of vest contraption. For Galliano, this is conservative. Galliano said that his drug use and erratic behavior was caused by professional pressure and was exacerbated by the death of a close friend and associate last year. And it was because of his heavy drug use, he said, that he couldn't even remember uttering the slurs this winter. The panel of three judges will rule whether or not Galliano committed a hate crime in September. We can't wait to see what he'll wear then (please, let there be a hat!).

[Images via AP]