Last week we all scratched our heads (or some of us scratched our heads) wondering what this new Harry Potter-related website "Pottermore" might be. It seems we now have an answer?

A leaked marketing memo of some sort reveals a big international game, all based online:

[Pottermore is] a sophisticated online game that contains clues to prizes that are hidden in the real world. These are an unstated number of magic wands secreted in Britain and America, and possibly other countries

Wait whuttt? We had heard from an anonymous tipster that it was going to be some sort of tie-in for a new smartphone. But maybe these two things are related? Whatever the case is, I am A) sorry for indulging in the exact kind of speculation that said marketing department was hoping to get, and B) bizarrely excited about an online game in which real-life wands are hidden around the world. Because really???

If you find one of the wands do you get to go on a strangely moralistic tour of J.K. Rowling's imagination factory and then if you're the only one alive at the end she gives you the keys to the place and putters away via some sort of magic? Because if that is the case then I am yours, Pottermore. And in that scenario, who would be the Slugworth? Suzanne Collins? The guy who wrote Percy Jackson? It's totally the Percy Jackson guy, isn't it. [Paid Content via Atlantic Wire]