House arrested Lindsay Lohan invited two cameras into her home this week. One filmed her most desperate product endorsement yet, an 18-second, one-sentence endorsement for a penny auction website. The other photographed her in repose for Life & Style magazine. Each image captured LiLo seated beside a different image of herself.

Conclusion: Lindsay Lohan is a home decor onanist. She belongs to that strange, specific class of people who wallpaper their homes with pictures of themselves. Not family portraits. Not pictures of them actually doing stuff. We're talking solo, posed portraits, usually with bedroom eyes, often in a state of undress.

Unsurprisingly, many celebrities are autodecorators. Padma Lakshmi has a painting of herself in a see-through top hanging above her bed. (Sort of like having a mirror above your bed.) Kim Zolciak had pictures of her boobs in nearly every room of her impossible-to-sell townhouse.

Esquire described Paris Hilton's home as "Parisworld," littered with "pictures, images, likenesses everywhere. Many are of Paris herself—only the hottest justify display." At right, a pillow Paris had screen printed with her face.

Though every autodecorator is a narcissist, not every narcissist is an autodecorator. After Harper's Bazaar started a rumor that a painting of an angel in Kanye West's home was meant to depict the rapper, Kanye angrily denied the claim:

That made me so mad. Because who would want to hang out with a guy with an 8-foot picture of an angel of himself? Harper's Bazaar came to my home, took pics, asked a lot of questions and then assumed the painting in my dining room was of me as an angel. This isn't true and it bothered me greatly because people think I'm so so so cocky that I would have something like that. [...] I was made out to be Ben Stiller's character in the movie Dodgeball with the huge pic of him wrestling a bull in his office. Why didn't they write that my house had no pics of me, no plaques or awards, just art.

Even Kanye West is more modest than Lindsay Lohan. [Life & Style, images via Life & Style, Beezid, Esquire]

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