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Free things in life are the best things. But free things that keep you entertained for hours and make you look like a genius are the greatest. Here's a new entry into that ring: Falling Stars, Trident Vitality's new digital toy for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch that was created to celebrate their delicious Awaken flavor. It'll turn you into the musician you never knew you could be, causing spontaneous bouts of admiration from passersby.

It's the kind of thing you can use to introduce friends and family to the wonderful world of touchscreen devices—just swipe to create a series of flavor ribbons that each represent a different musical tone. Then, conduct your flavor of symphony and wow anyone in hearing distance. They'll be so awed that they'll ask you to share Falling Stars with them, then you'll do it, because, well, you can, and you're feeling particularly generous because you are a successful musical artist.

Try it! It's delicious. To download Falling Stars from Trident Vitality for free, click here.