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Here's a trailer for the French film The Sleeping Beauty, a sexual sex movie from sexual sex director Catherine Breillat. It tells the story of a girl put to sleep by witches who then spends a long, long time having wild, wacky, and, yes, sexy dreams.

I'm not sure there's really a clear narrative here, though it seems like that's probably not the point. And sure there are probably grander themes at work here, among them the loss of innocence and why even call that a "loss" to begin with. But really the point is that there is beautiful imagery of beautiful people beautifully coupling, and weird imagery of weird people weirdly weirding together. Think I Am Love meets Marie Antoinette meets Pirates. If that sounds intriguing to you, then by all means, go be your sweaty, swoony self and see this movie in the theaters. The rest of us will wait to watch it on DVD at home alone, like normal perverts.