I don't know if anybody out there reads the editorials of the New York Observer—I never do, and I actually read the New York Observer—but, FYI, they are hilariously bad! A sample from the past few months:

We stopped quoting once the titles got ridiculous enough to speak for themselves! Why, it's almost as if these editorials only represent the views of some unsophisticated, right-leaning young rich boy who's spent his entire lifetime ensconced in a bubble of wealth and privilege, rather than those of the over-literate young liberal nerds (like us!) who tend to make up the bulk of the New York Observer editorial staff—the kind of people we would imagine cringing as they read these very same editorials, were we to imagine such a scene! The contrast is just striking, that's all. These NYO editorials read like some sort of pension plan for laid-off New York Sun editorial writers from the days of yore.

Anyhow. Back to not reading the New York Observer's editorials!

[Photo of NYO owner and editorial-inspire-er Jared Kushner via AP]