Just because Lindsay Lohan is under house arrest doesn't mean that she still can't earn a paycheck. The Hollywood cockroach just made a nice bit of cash for filming a commercial for a silly website in her living room.

Yes, like so many freelancers, bloggers, and people who need a day off but don't want to call in sick, Lindsay Lohan is working from home. (Is that LiLo pointing a gun in the background? How appropriate.) She just collected a check for about 18 seconds of work telling everyone that she "found" this great website, Beezid.com, while she's been spending so much time at home. (Have you visited this Beezid? It looks about as low-budget as Lindsay's career these days.)

TMZ reports that the site offered LiLo $25K to make a commercial, which she turned down initially. She eventually reached terms with the company and did the commercial for an undisclosed sum and a $10K credit to go shopping on the site. That credit is probably the entire reason she did the commercial. She may be able to work from home, but her shopping addiction probably needed a serious fix since she's been trapped in the house. Enjoy your virtual browsing, Linds!