In your threatening Tuesday media column: major layoffs at Gannett, Randy Michaels is back in radio, AOL eyes paid online content, rumors of OK! Magazine being sold, and Fortune poaches from the NYT.

  • I guess the newspaper industry's hard times haven't quite slowed to trickle just yet: USA Today publisher Gannett just announced that its newspaper division is laying off 700 employees, 2% of the company's total work force. "National advertising remains soft and with many of our local advertisers reducing their overall budgets, we need to take further steps to align our costs with the current revenue trends." Those jobs aren't coming back. If you're a Gannett employee who wants to vent, email me.
  • Hey, spectacular failure and former Tribune CEO Randy Michaels is back in the radio business, where he belongs. Also, you may be interested in the portion of Jim O'Shea's new book where he recounts a story about Randy Michaels getting a blow job at work. I know what you people like.
  • AOL CEO Tim Armstrong says he might want to charge for some online content! Oh no, but what will it mean for Arianna Huffington's rhetoric? Really he's just talking about charging for industry-specific publications in areas like energy and defense—online trade magazines, basically. This could not be more boring.
  • Former Page Sixer Paula Froelich says on Twitter that she hears that Time is "on the brink" of buying money-losing celeb-friendly OK! Magazine. We asked Time Inc. and they told us "We don't have any comment," which always makes it more likely that the item in question is true. So now you know. Why Time Inc. would want to buy OK! Magazine when they have plenty of perfectly good crappy magazines already, I have no idea.
  • Miguel Helft, who writes about technology, is leaving the NYT and going to work for Fortune magazine.